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Dance Lesson Included with Admission

Did you know that there is a #dancelesson before each #BainbridgeSwingDance? AND it's included in your admission to the dance, no extra fee. During the lesson, in general, you are taught/reminded the footwork for the #jitterbug, also known as #eastcoastswing. Along with an additional dance move to shuffle things up.

No need to have a partner. The lesson is designed to introduce dancers to one another (if you choose to participate). In fact, if you haven't been to the dance and you don't have a partner, we recommend coming to the lesson. It's a gentle way to meet people before the dance with live music begins.

Wondering how this works? Leads and follows start off in a big circle around the instructors. A snippet of the lesson is taught. Dancers are given a few minutes to practice with a partner. Leads and follows rotate in opposite directions to move on to a new partner. The process is repeated. Jump into the lesson at anytime.

We have found that dancing with different people throughout the evening helps us learn and improves our techniques. While we encourage dancing with others, it is not required.

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