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Know Before You Go

Current Status:

All events are scheduled as planned. No cancellations or changes.

Our Policy and Standard Statement

We work together to create a friendly and welcoming community of new and experienced dancers, showing kindness and consideration.  We help each other feel safe and comfortable.  We respect each others’ personal space and boundaries, even when it is different from our own.  We believe in mutual communication and consent.  We welcome all who share our commitment to uphold these principles.  We also like feedback and smiles.  Thanks for dancing with us.

I don’t have a partner to dance with.  Will I be able to dance?

Yes!  There are many people who attend our dances that do not arrive with a partner.  Will Craig, his team and his regular dancers do a fantastic job of creating a welcoming atmosphere.  We highly recommend that you come to the lesson, that generally starts about an hour before the live music and dance.  During the lesson, partners are rotated and it gives people an opportunity to meet new faces.  Don’t be shy in asking others to dance with you through the course of the evening.  Dancing with a variety of people also helps you learn and hone dance moves.

I don’t have dance shoes what should I wear?

Soft soled shoes that are slick are considered the best for dancing.  They give you the ability to easily turn, change direction and pivot in dance moves.  Wear something comfortable.  Additionally, a little tip, some type of sock or nylon between your foot and shoe will help prevent blisters.  Shoes, that grip, such as sneakers, hiking boots, etc. are the worst.  Your feet tend to stick to the dance floor and hinder you from fluid motions.  Please try to avoid soles that will streak or mar the dance floor.

Do you allow arial moves at your dances?

No!  Due to liability, etc. arial moves are strongly prohibited at our dances.  Please keep your feet (and others’ feet) on the ground.

I left something at the dance.  Is there a lost and found?

If you have left something at the dance, your best bet is to contact the dance hall.  If you have trouble connecting with someone at the venue, send us an email ( and let us know what you left behind.  We will try to locate it for you.

Tobacco and Alcohol Policy

No smoking is allowed in the building.

Alcohol is not sold at the dance.

Illness Policy

If you have a runny nose, cough, fever, or don't feel well, please stay home.

Dance partner rotation not required.

Sickness Anchor

Questions? Contact Us!

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